Dear visitors of the “Filigran” Jewelry Workshop website!

I, Alexandra Lupach, am the founder and designer of the “Filigran” Jewelry Workshop.
I make everything by my hands and am very dedicated to my work.
At my workshop you can make various urgent repairs:
- enlarge/reduce the size of a gold or silver ring with any type of gemstones;
- enlarge/reduce the size of a necklace or a bracelet;
- polish any piece of jewelry;
- set or change any kind of gem, as well as many other services.
You can also order any piece of gold or silver jewelry from the catalogue,
gems variety includes amber, jade and any other gem. Production time of such piece is about three days.
“Filigran” Jewelry Workshop is situated at the “Azimut” hotel (the “Amur Bay” building) since 2010.

Workshop contact information:

The “Azimut” (“Amur Bay” building)
Office 229, #9, Naberezhnaya st., Vladivostok city

Tel 1: +7 908 996 87 17 (WhatsApp),
Tel 2: +7 (423) 265 02 78

Instagram: Lupach14